Shymir, School Student

Shymir is a seven year old student in Marion County schools who is much healthier and happier today because of Health Promotion Specialists.

When Shymir was first seen at school, he was swollen and in pain with toothaches in four different teeth. His mother tried to get him an appointment at an office and was told he could not be seen for over a month. With the help of HPS, he was able to have his problems fixed within a week. Since then, he has been taught how to take care of his mouth, had his teeth cleaned at school, and sealants placed on his four permanent back teeth to help prevent him from having the same problems again.

He is able to laugh, smile and study free of pain. His mother said, "Having a dental hygienist at the school was a huge help for my family and I feel it will help many more children become healthier and stay that way."