Steven, School Student

Steven was saved from serious problems that were missed during his regular exam at the dentist. Steven was seen at school to receive dental sealants because his regular dental office does not provide them. During his appointment with the registered dental hygienist, it was noted that he had two teeth that appeared to be abscessed. He had not been in pain because the infection had eaten through the bone and was draining into his mouth. HPS contacted his mother who returned him to his dental office. The abscesses were confirmed and the teeth were extracted.

He now has sealants his four permanent back teeth to help prevent him from having the same problems again. His mother, Heather, said, "The HPS dental hygienists take the time to thoroughly assess the child. They provide the services he/she is licensed to do and actively refer the children for additional treatment if needed. I am thankful they caught his problems before he suffered more serious consequences."