Oral health is directly related to overall health. If your mouth is not healthy, your risk of heart disease and respiratory disease increases and there is a direct correlation between diabetes and an unhealthy mouth.

Learning how to keep your mouth healthy will affect your whole body.

Proper Oral Hygiene (Homecare)

Nutrition / Healthy Eating

Mouth + Sugar = ACID that eats on your tooth (turns to acid in 20 seconds and takes 20 minutes to neutralize again) If you take another "sip" or eat another piece, it starts again.

It is better to eat sugar all at once and quit. Sipping drinks with sugar and/or eating mints or candy with sugar throughout the day, keeps acid on your teeth dissolving away enamel.

Does Soda Pop Cause Cavities?

Snack Smart — In English
Meriendas Sanas Para Dientes Sanos — En Español


Xylitol is a naturally occurring, low-calorie sugar substitute that has been shown to reduce bacteria that cause tooth decay, ear infections, and repiratory illnesses. It is a sugar alcohol that is derived mainly from birch and other hardwood trees.

Xylitol chewing gum is available in most stores. "ice Breakers, Ice Cubes" is the only readily available chewing gum with xylitol as the number one ingredient. Several websites offer xylitol products.

Tobacco Prevention/Cessation

Nutrition/Healthy Eating text (text plus three sub categories – soda pop, healthy snacks, and xylitol) What we eat and drink directly affects the total health of our body. Sugars, when not eaten in moderation, have strong detrimental effects on our oral health and overall health. When looking at tooth decay, the frequency of sugar is a VERY important factor.

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