The Facts


The Role of Dental Hygienists in Providing Access to Oral Health Care - The services most effective preventing dental disease are delivered by dental hygienists.

Falling Short: Most States Lag on Dental Sealants - Both children and adults benefit from dental sealants

Sealants and Dental Caries - Integrating scientific evidence in clinical decision making is a novel idea to dentists and will require a paradigm shift in the provision of dental care.

Increased Access to Care - It should be alarming that increased access to dental care may result in teeth without cavities being filled. It is well documented that dentists tend to over treat.

SC Rated First in the Nation - News worthy of celebration: South Carolina (SC) is rated number one in the nation for its efforts to improve oral health for children.

BREAKING NEWS - Most states lag on Dental Sealants - Most states lag on Dental Sealants, see the full reports!

Dental Student Ethics - After several dental schools on the east and west coasts experience students that have cheated their ways to degrees and become licensed by the dental boards, some dental students are taking charge and working to change.

Academy of Pediatrics Reports on Oral Health in the US - Tooth Decay is the number one chronic disease affecting US children. We must re-connect the mouth with the rest of the body and join the medical and dental professionals together in an effort to improve the oral health of children.

Dental Care Crisis in America - Dental Care Crisis in America: W.K. Kellogg Foundation Report Details Training of New Types of Dental Professionals to Alleviate Serious Access Problems

**NEW** CDC Updates School Program Guidelines - The CDC recently updated the guidelines for school-based dental sealant programs. These updates use the latest research to update the guidelines that were released in 1997.