Health Professionals

While the United States Centers for Disease Control has long supported every community having school-based sealant programs, the American Dental Association (ADA) has added their collective voice in support of all communities having school-based sealant programs. On April 28, 2009, the ADA's President, Dr. John S. Findley, sent a letter to President Obama asking that oral health be included in health care reform. His letter stated, "We know that prevention works and that it is cost-effective. A small investment in a few simple preventive activities can save millions of dollars in subsequent oral health treatment.

Enhanced funding for proven and cost-effective preventive measures such as community water fluoridation and school-based sealant programs, can supplement home care to prevent dental disease to those most at risk."

Health Promotion Specialists (HPS) is excited to have been at the forefront of these preventive measures in South Carolina for over nine years. The HPS program is different from other programs in one fundamental way - we prevent disease rather than simply identify it and refer for treatment. HPS is part of a comprehensive collaborative health team.

We partner with the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control to provide preventive education and services and refer children for additional services to doctors, dentists, speech therapists, etc. We work with the local resources within the community and participate in community activities to promote health. It is a win for all involved. The children win by experiencing less cavities and pain, the school districts win by improving the health of students thereby increasing their opportunities to learn, the local community providers win by referrals for the children's additional treatment needs, and the tax payers win through the prevention of disease rather than having to pay for more costly treatment.

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