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Restorative Partners

We know that a vast number of the clients we see in school-based settings have numerous obstacles that get in the way of making and keeping appointments, especially appointments for things that are not broken or hurting – such as a cleaning appointment.

By offering this service in a familiar surrounding, we increase acceptance and it gives us the opportunity to establish communication with the parents. We have seen that more children are making it to offices for restorative appointments since we started in the schools . Most of them have not been going on a regular basis in previous years. We do not perform exams or radiographs, thereby allowing the office treatment planning restorative services to have that ability.

When we see a child at the school we have the opportunity to refer them each time to a dental office. This helps reinforce the need for regular exams and radiographs, and of course, all of the necessary restorative work.

We welcome restorative partners to help us complete the comprehensive care cycle. It is "teamwork" at its best. We will send the names of our restorative partners home with each child, list them in school newsletter articles, and on our display boards at health fairs, and other events we participate in.

We are able to share information with referral partners concerning the care specific children received and vice-versa. This is not possible without an agreement due to HIPAA regulations. It also helps prevent the duplication of services that deplete the Medicaid dollars available for restorative and emergency care. It allows us all to be accountable and responsible.

To inquire about becoming a restorative partner, contact us today.