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  1. A Memorandum of Agreement is signed between the District and Health Promotion Specialists.
  2. A consent form, which includes a medical history, is sent home with each student. We do not provide services for children unless a parent /guardian has given written permission.
  3. Upon the return of a parental consent form, we provide oral hygiene instructions, nutrition and dietary counseling, and preventive services that include: dental hygiene exams, cleanings, the application of fluoride, and the application of dental sealants on permanent back teeth, if appropriate. The registered dental hygienist sets up transportable dental hygiene equipment at the school. He/she works with the school schedule to provide services striving to work around core curriculum courses. The appointments are approximately 15-40 minutes, dependent on the services needed. Schools are scheduled appropriately to not cause disruption of any children taking standardized testing. If applicable, tobacco prevention and intervention education is delivered with other oral health education. HPS will provide these services at regular intervals, every six to nine months, as part of a continuing care program. HPS refers children in need of care that falls outside the dental hygiene scope of practice, to local physicians, dentists and/or clinics. Children with urgent care needs are managed daily until the problems have been resolved.
  4. The amount of time the RDH spends at a school is dependent on the number of consent forms that are returned. However, when the RDH moves to another school, she is still available as a resource to help with oral health problems as they arise. Each RDH has a cell phone and our office has a toll free number. Recall visits are made to each school on a revolving six to nine month schedule, coordinated with the summer break. (Example: A school served in August will be seen again in February. A school seen in December will not be able to be seen until the next August. So, a school will have two visits one year and occasionally only one visit per year, dependent on the school schedule.)
  5. The dental hygienist is available as a resource to speak at PTA/PTO meetings, health fairs, and any other times the staff or administration feels is appropriate. (Upon approval of HPS)
  6. Participation in the HPS School-Based Program can be used toward requirements for Schools of Promise or Flagship School Status.

Screenings are done, for statistical purposes only, in cooperation with SC DHEC during a selected year (every 3-5 years) for k5, 3rd, and 7th, graders in schools randomly chosen by the epidemiology division.